Tuesday, October 5, 2010

When I see the Biggest Loser...

When I see the Biggest Loser, where the participants are pushed to non-aerobic-energy-system levels, (whether they are on a treadmill, bike, or … whatever, for 1 hour or so…) and they lose weight while sagging; no wonder they find it so hard to maintain the achievement once in the “real” world. They are NOT burning fat; but, losing MUSCLE…!

For long term changes, you have to start conditioning your MUSCLES on a constant daily routine. Muscle BURNS fat; so, when you do an aerobic-energy-system workout THOSE muscles will burn MORE fat. Muscle conditioning will, also, increase your stamina and ability to perform everyday tasks. As a bonus…you will “look” more toned or firm. My clients call it “collected or contracted”.

I encourage YOU to work from 10 to 45 minutes a day. Tone, tone, tone! Once you got that, add 10 to 30 more minutes of cardio, watching you stay in your Fat-Burning-Zone. Discipline, that’s all it takes. EXITO


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