Friday, April 2, 2010

A Father’s Commitment to Exercise

“I propose to do, for a period of an hour and in the afternoon for at least 3 days a week, the following exercises: walk at the minimum speed my body allows and for a total of 10 minutes minimum. With an initial weight of 20 pounds, at the weight machine, do leg flexions in sets of 5 and 4 repetitions.”
-Salvador Perez Mayol

A commitment my father hand-wrote on March 23, 2008 before traveling to his last hospital appointment. I loved his determination; because, he wrote it without me asking. He has always been very athletic and always looked younger than his age. Upon his return, he could not comply; because, he, unexpectedly, passed away on the 15th of April.

He didn’t have the time; but, you certainly do. If you take time to brush your teeth, you can commit time to work on conditioning your body’s muscles and strengthening your bone structure. Essential combination for the performance of regular daily activities. Remember, your current, or future, family depends on you for your loving care and support. So, you should be responsible for taking care of your health.

Still loving you, Daddy...